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About APEX

APEX Packaging Corporation has provided Packaging Equipment, Materials and Contract Packaging Services since 1987.

We are committed to achieving one goal, helping our customers find the best possible solution to their unique packaging needs. Customer  Satisfaction, Unsurpassed  Service, Quality  Products and a solution-driven approach are the parameters within whichWe work hand in hand with our customers to fulfill their packaging needs and to achieve
The Best
Total Solution...
   APEX defines its business philosophy.   We strive to develop and offer products that are both economically and environmentally sound, as well as searching out new answers and finding new approaches to solving old problems.

As businesses become more socially, politically, and environmentally aware, APEX Packaging will continue to deliver the kind of guidance, support, and quality products our customers have come to expect from us. Our commitment is reflected in every aspect of APEX Packaging Corporation, and we look forward to sound, strong, enduring partnerships with both our current and our future customers.

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Apex Packaging Corporation | The Best Total Solution...